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Having tools to secure

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Alpha Tango Secure (powered byis designed for security practitioners looking to use technology to transform the delivery of security services (both governmental and corporate)

In 2017 we delivered our first solutions to a rapid reaction task force and a private security contractor.

Utilising our relationships, we are working with security personnel, operational management and core infrastructure providers to redefine the security provision for the 21st century


ATS Blue is the 21st century real-time private security solution.

Working with a leading security firm, we are using technology to enable drive operational changes, enabling them to have far greater oversight of employees, assets, incidents and into delivering information into one environment.

Using Ai and rules, this technology is capturing, storing and reporting every data point providing complete current and post op operational oversight.

We have designed the platform to meet both the real-time, communication processes of providing a security solution, together with the automation tools of servicing existing and new clients

Some features include….

Mission control dashboard by client, location and employee (team). Encrypted secure messaging. Encrypted secure messaging. New client signup automation. Asset management. Geo-safe zoning and alert management. Real-time GIS and historical mapping. Access control. Duty and incident management. SLA metrics and reporting.Personnel calendar and scheduling.

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