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Creating a Channel

Creating a Kazola in Channel is fairly easy. The following steps go through it. Though before registering your channel, make sure you have authorized your user to use our API i.e getting API key.

Step #1 Register your channel

Registering your channel takes few steps. Simply place the follow key value pair in your request header first.

Key = Authorization
Value = Your API Key or Authorization Token here.

Step #2 Create a Channel

To create your channel, simply send a POST request to the URL defined in the following page. It goes through URL, request and its respective response.

Example Channel Creation

Lets say you're looking forward to creating a Channel i.e "Twitter Channel" that would have a trigger and as well an action.

The first step is to create/register a Channel, and in the later steps we'll create trigger and actions for it.

To create a Channel first, send the following request to the URL as mentioned on API method PostRegister.