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Welcome to the Kazola API

Creating a channel (custom-integration) on Kazola is fairly easy. A channel represents a standalone functionality, like "sending a tweet" or "putting a status on Facebook".

Every channel in kazola has a trigger, action or both. For example, you create a channel called "SMS channel" that has a trigger named "when SMS comes". It could detect new incoming SMS.

Likewise, an action could be made named "send an SMS".

The channel could be used as a trigger or as an action in a particular Recipe.

Recipes in Kazola are a combination of a trigger channel and action channels. You could make a Recipe as follows. Let's break it down for you to have a better understanding of it.

Example Recipe name: When SMS comes, post a Tweet.

Trigger: when SMS comes (Belongs to SMS Channel)

Action: Post a Tweet (Belongs to Twitter Channel)

How to Create a Channel?

To understand Kazola's simple Channel creation API methods, head over to Channel Registration link, while in case you need help with trigger or action creation, you can follow the respective links.

Note that before you start any channel creation process, you would need access to our API token that can be generated by giving your user authorization. Once that's done, you would be given access to our API token.

Checkout how you can get an API Key.