These are very high priority tasks which usually freezes in tracks and requires urgent solution. Usually reported in the shape of Incident reports.


These are requests which field staff do and requires decision for instance for leaves, advances, allowances etc.


These events don’t require decision and used for the purpose of update or information only such as Notices, Sales Update etc.

People watching a film on a PC
People watching a film on a PC
People watching a film on a PC

Attendance: Automatic attendance without human errors, backed by evidence of presence at site, thus cutting overheads of manual attendance.

Quality Checks: Conducting remote quality checks online, through multimedia interaction, removing the need for in-person visit to site. Live stream video or image becomes authentic evidence. Therefore, significant fuel & vehicle maintenance costs along with Man-hours are saved.

Handing Over: Every field staff shift usually ends with some kind of Handing over activity either with incoming field staff (Security) or with back office (Courier & Maintenance) this is recorded digitally for future reference.

Quarterly Customer Appraisals: All customers are regularly contacted either through email or Client of Client KATS app for rating services (back it up by signatures incase of app).

Management Update Capsule: After regular intervals, all the data is being analyzed by KATS and then shared with top management for greater insights and proactive decision making without missing anything critical.