The future, today

There's a new app revolution, this time driven by how users interact with the services they use. Bots (or conversational user interfaces) are exploding in popularity.

Bots allow users to interact with services as if they're sending a message to another person. There's a smaller learning curve for the user, bots are simple to connect to, and they live right where 100's of millions of users already spend a lot of their time - inside messaging apps.

Built for every developer

Regardless of your level of skill or the size of your project, if you want to build bots, Kazzola is for you. Our visual designer makes it easy to create, utilize and share tasks in an integrative manner, without writing code. Our conversational bots bring life to the every day tasks, that would enhance your productivity to the new level. You'll be choosing a stable and reliable platform, with excellent support.

Secure, reliable and dependable

We care about security. That means following best practice in development, deployment and operations in order to minimise risk. All the credentials we store are hashed or encrypted with modern algorithms.

At the heart of our infrastructure is a highly available, fault tolerant workflow engine. It's been carefully architected to perform at scale and automatically route around problems.

A truly global business

Although we're based in the United Kingdom, our team of developers are located around the world and our customers are international. We have strong financial backing and an experienced senior management team.