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Smart Chat

Kazzola Smart Chat

Interact with your social circle, with expressive emojis. Record and send audio clips and share your documents with in chat.

Take team collaboration to the next level with fast group chat.

share documents that matter

Document Sharing

Kazzola offers document sharing to the next level with hundreds of file formats that you can share around instantly.

Including Word docs, PDFs and PowerPoint files.

Personal Assistant Bot

Kai Bot

Personalize your very own personal assistant Bot by developing automation routines and commands that use the rich set of internet channels and perform routine tasks for you.

Focus on what matters

Social Media Integrations

Integrations allow the automatic posting from 3rd party sources. Including social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Be everywhere

Kazzola Internet Channels

Integrate 3rd party services such as weather, email, calendar, location in addition to marketing tools like Facebook or Twitter.

These can be integrated within Bots and Skills to create automated business and personal apps.

No technical barrier

Kazzola Bot Builder

Feel the power of the rules-based engine within Kazzola to create customized Bots.

These are your business rules that can be set up for individuals, teams or your whole company. Share or sell your Bots via the Kazzola Marketplace.

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