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Bot Skill Builder

Installing a skill

Installation - Designing a Skill

There are six small sections in Install tab:

1. Appearance

2. Summary

3. Share

4. Skill Patterns

5. Skill Execution

6. Bot Configuration

Installation - Appearance

This section is used to change the appearance of skill. You can change following:

1. Logo Background

2. Skill icon

3. Bot icon

Installation - Summary

This summary will be shown on timeline (Messages) of the user. You can write simple text and/or expressions here e.g. Dear {[f1]}, do this task immediately.

Install - Share

There are three ways to share skill with others:

1. Share with selected users (Users selected in first step of the skill)

2. Share web link with registered user only (Link of first form for the person who is registered with Kazzola)

3. Share web link with someone (Link of first form for the person who is not registered with Kazzola - Anonymous user)

Install - Skill Patterns

Feature coming soon.

Install Tab - Skill Execution

This section is used to configure how the skill will be executed:

1. Both Form and Chat

2. Through Form

3. Bot Chat

Install Tab - Skill Configuration

Here you can configure that how you can show the details related to Bot chat:

1. Show on messages page (Show bot chat on the timeline of user)

2. Show Bot confirmation message on submission

3. Show "Click here to see details" link

After configuring skill, click button of Install at the bottom to make this skill online for the users.