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Bot skill builder

Sample Skill - Contact Support

In this Skill builder section, we'll be creating a Skill named 'Contact Support' that aims to help a customer reach out to the Customer Support team to resolve a particular issue that he/she might be facing.

'Contact Support' Workflow

The workflow of the skill would be as follows:

1. User executes 'Contact Support' Skill

2. Fills out the fields or answers the questions in the case if it's being executed via Kai chat bot.

3. Sends the query to customer support team.

4. Customer/Client that initiates the skill gets a confirmation email and an SMS.

The Contact Support when being executed via chatbot gives an interface as below, where it asks introductory questions, like giving a brief introduction of its self followed by asking the user's name.

Then it goes ahead asking about the problem the user would be facing i.e a brief description of the problem statement.

Followed by asking user's email and phone number where he/she would be reached back by the customer support team.

Once user responds to all the questions asked by the chatbot, he/she can look for a confirmation email sent to the email they gave in addition to the phone number.