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Setting field rules

In our 'Contact Support' example we haven't utilized any field rules so the below instruction is for any generic skill that you look forward to make.

1. Field rules are used to show/hide or change value of controls conditionally and un-conditionally.

2. To add field rule, click image of +. For example, you have two numeric fields and you want to display their sum in third field.

Select name of field (e.g. Numeric 1) from first combo (after if). Select required event from second combo box e.g. value change.

This means “when value of Numeric 1 field is changed then do following. There are total of three events which you can set i.e. Post Load Value change Select "set value" from first combo box of second line (after then).

Following are the available actions: Set value Hide field Show field Ask question (Direct jump to that question) Go to question (Onward Execution from section) Clear field (Clear filled data and serve when question will come at its sequence)

Reload questionnaire (Reload from start) Select field where you want to display result e.g. Result Write expression in last field e.g. {[f3 + f4]} Click OK to save changes. This rule means when value in Numeric 1 field is changed then show sum result of Numeric 1 (f3) and Numeric 2 (f4) in Result field.

This rule will be read like: if Numeric 1 value change then set value Result "{[f3 + f4]}" 3. After creating/updating rules, click button of Next at the bottom to install this skill.